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Sunday, December 4, 2011

gallery showing

I've a photograph hanging in a gallery on Rhode Island. USA

Imagine that. I've gone International.  How surreal.

The Gallery is called 'The Gallery on High Street' and they had a meet and greet the artists/patrons the other night.

I received an invitation to go, but obviously there's a big blue sea between me and the gallery. But it still thrills me to bits to be asked to attend.

I've smudged the email and phone numbers for the sake of being polite, as I haven't asked the permission to broadcast them.  ;o)  And mine for my privacy.

The photograph on display and for purchase is "The Promise"

Georgann (gallery owner) says she gets a laugh every time someone says..... "I seen that place" or "I've driven past that". She tells them unless they been to Australia, then they probably haven't. 

The following is part of the "Artist Statement" that I wrote to accompany the print.

"The windmill is an iconic part of the Australian landscape. Using wind power to turn the blades, it pumps water up from a natural underground spring. 'The Promise 'of rain replenishes that vital water resource."


SueP said...

Congrats Tiff on your print showing in a gallery OS.... 'tis a beautiful picture of an Australian landscape. Well done!!

maryanne said...

wow tiff, what an achievement!!tis an awesoe photo!!

Alanna said...

Oh how I love this photo! It's just amazing Tiff... congratulations!! What a well deserved honour - you're amazing!!