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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Winter Wonderland

We are very very blessed in my hometown to have an amazing Christmas Wonderland. It's created and dismantled each year by a very dedicated band of volunteers who gather bits and pieces during the year.

Each display is an original and this years is no different. Blue and White Colour scheme with the lighting creates and wonderful winter feel.

I took some shots for the committee to keep for posterity and asked if I could promote them on my blog and Facebook Page.

Its wonderful to see the magic of Christmas thru a child's eyes and to see how much they believe in the magic of this time of year.

I would really recommend you take the time to visit. I'd allow an hour so you take it all in!!

The details. I've smudged the contact numbers as I've not asked permission to post them. Contact me and I'll help you out

The donation box by the door when you come in. Pop in a goldie via the chimmney and watch it run its was down to the bottom. Don't blink, its quick

inside the baker's house. real chocolates on display

check out the bottom of the dunny door. now who could that be...... 

the princess carriage. Isn't this just amazing. It was manufactured locally by a very clever gentleman and his welder. There are dress up clothes for little girls to be princesses and a cloak and crown for the boys to be kings

 All generations can wear a tiara. Basically if it fits, wear it!!
Posted with kind permission

 the hot seat for Father Christmas when he visits

 hands on fun for the kids to play with. This Thomas the Tank Engine is a substantial size

 the nativity scene

 the mountain that the train travels through was made by a small number of volunteers and it's brilliant

 the magic garden. I counted 20 special hand made fairies. All different and all so sweet. Complete with a running waterfall and pond

The hip shakin', singin'  Father Christmas

Mother Christmas. One of the volunteers actually wore this dress last year. The detail is exquisite 

 the wonders of the deep blue sea

 He pops up fairly often

the gingerbread house is made from real gingerbread. It's about 1metre tall 

 This tree actually snows. Really truly. This tree is just amazing.


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Alanna said...

Oh my... isn't that beautiful! Just lovely :)