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Monday, December 5, 2011


My kids have an unofficial big sister. Paige is a very special part of our family and she has been for years. We've been family friends with her parents since I started hunting, so many eons ago.

Paige boarded with us 5 days/nights a week when she was doing Year 12 at the local Area School a number of years ago. Her school where she lived didn't offer the subjects that she needed to get into Uni for her chosen career of RN Nursing/Midwifery. This one here did.

Paige slotted into our household almost seamlessly. I think she was VERY patient with us.  :O)

At that stage Sean was only a few weeks old, so he has a very special spot in her heart. She was there to witness a lot of Sean's first year of milestones.

Annie's known Paige since nearly forever in her life and Paige has mentioned a few times that she would really hope to there for Annie like I have been for Paige. That is so so special and I hold that close to my heart. Just to know the love is there and the fact that Annie will always have someone else to talk to, to share with or just lean upon means bucket loads to me. And it does to Kym too.

Paige is a qualified RN now and works on the other side of the state. She also about to start on her Midwifery study. When ever we are able to catch up I always take a photo or two of her with the kids. She has what she calls a "Firth Shrine" in her home where she lives, and I like to keep her up to date with special pics of her with the kidlets.


Magie Homes said...

What a beautiful pictire. So much love, joy and happines is shining out of this post. I am so amazed!

Anonymous said...

I love you!!!!!! xxxxxxx