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Sunday, December 4, 2011

whaler's way with John & Ann

John, Ann and I had a day out down Whaler's Way recently. I've never been down this way in the Lincoln National Park, so I was very much rubber necking out the window to see things, to get my bearings and te learn a bit of the area.

The best shot I got of the three of us. lol. must learn how to use that remote IR gadget better.
(posted with permission)

 The iconic Cape Wiles

 Big wave action at Cape Carnot. John was giggling like a mad man every time he hit the shutter button. We were all saying Phhhhoooooorrrrrrr. It was BIG waves smashing on the rocks.

 Long exposure at Cape Carnot. Big swells rolled into the rocks creating a lot of white water. The long exposure creates the 'mist' look.

 More phhhhhhoooooooorrrrrrrr big wave action at Cape Carnot. cue in mad giggling by John. lol

Just up the coast from Cape Carnot is the Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm.

I took a series of shots I hope to make time lapse vision of the big waves smashing onto the rocks at Cape Carnot. Just need some help on getting it together before I can show.

Top day out with a couple of like minded souls. Will definitely be coming back to this area again.


SueP said...

You have been very busy with your landscape photography of late....no wonder there is very little time for scrapping!! LOL!!

Alanna said...

Oh my!! Awesome awesome photos as always Tiff!! Love love love the long exposure at Cape Carnot shot... just fab!