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Monday, April 26, 2010


I had the most stimulating evening at the Lincoln Camera Club. L.S. came down with me to find out what it's all about. And man oh man, am I motivated now!!! For the next 18 months there are categories for photography of which I'll be shooting for. Some things I would have never tried before. IE-graffiti, grave headstones, lead light. Lots of other things too. And the best bit is LS is as motivated as I am so we both can drive each other to better ourselves (that's the idea anyway lol)

Cant wait to get the camera back to get stuck in it. Hopefully this week with fingers and eyes crossed. Just feel so lost without it. I have missed a few events that I would have had the camera at. Some I can recreate, some I can't. Not really that much in the overall scheme of things.

Had a wonderful lazy lunch today with friends. Kym lit up the garden prunings so we had a bushie as well this arvo before it started to rain in earnest. Roll on the season break. Any time now will be good please Mr Rain Man.

loosely based on Jody Wenke's Besties


sandra said...

love the humour and the pics.
future gymnist for sure!!

Kerryn said...

Hey Tiff, thanks for all the lovely comments on my layouts :). Go for it with the banner. I resisted the banner fad for ages, but now I kinda like them LOL. Love what you've been scrapping lately. Such a variety of styles. Fab stuff!!

Christine said...

Too funny - I love this!