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Thursday, April 8, 2010

september 8th 2008

A very pretty girly LO completed at the Retreat.

The very kind Sandra Crowther showed me her fabric flowers she had done after reading Sherry Mendoza's tutorial in Scrapbooking Memories. Sandra was so organised at the retreat. She had pieces of satiny fabric already cut in shape and a tea light to do the tricks on. So my heartfelt thanks to Sandra as the material flower was exactly the finishing touch this LO needed. And amazing timing as I was just thinking what else this LO needed when Sandra came over.

Sandra, do you have a blog or www so I can link you please??

Found this blog today


for all the instructors, the exhibitors and classes for the upcoming Scrapbooking Industry Australia in Sydney in May.  Damn it, its seeding time here, and there is zero chance of my going....... and I would dearly like to.

In other things in my neck of the woods, I have sent my camera away to be serviced. Its basic sense to maintain your expensive camera in tip top condition and getting it professionally cleaned is very wise. So I sent the lenses to be done too. So for a couple of weeks I am without it. I might as well as cut my arm off. I use it every day for one thing or another so it's just about permanently attached to my face. So if you see me  wandering around looking a bit lost and if my shutter finger is twitchy I hope you'll understand. Fingers crossed the batteries of my stuffed old Powershot will still hold charge to tie me over. I certainly will notice the difference in technology tho and will appreciate my 50D when it comes back home.


sandra said...

loved watching you make that flower and it does suit this page perfectly....oh and love the stitching in the corner too!

Sherry said...

Ohhhhhh gorgeous page Tiff and what a great job she did on the flower! :-)

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous page! You poor love...no camera!!!! You'll have to plan an extra special shoot to celebrate its return;)

Brigette S said...

Sigh, due to the blasted seeding, I can't go either as all of my babysitters are away at that time. I so wanted to go and see Heidi Swapp, Tattered Angels, Nic Howard and the 7G ladies. I am so sad and little grrrr.