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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sean and I went up to Lock to Shabby Chic Shack today. I need a resupply of papers with some bits and pieces. I picked up some Dear Lizzy from American Crafts for a couple of LO's that I intend on starting shortly. I wasn't overly enthralled with Dear Lizzy. Her stuff doesn't match the rave to me. Some of it is overly cutesy and some of it was just plain boring. I didn't go for her banner paper as I just don't do fads and to be honest, banners just dont do it for me. But some of her papers are fabo for fussy cutting. Found some Tim Holtz film ribbon. lots of ideas with this product.

Sean's first full day of Kindy tomorrow. I think I'll follow the bus in and watch from over the road to make sure Annie takes him to the spot where the Kindy kids congregate before being escorted to the Kindy.

Wednesday is my second day of Fitness Classes. Because of my back, shoulder, knee and hip issues (just shoot me now!!) I started with low impact on Mondays and Pilate's on Wednesdays. I'm on the bike in earnest and back on the Slimm Replacement meals. Since I've stopped horse riding (officially retired, -sold the horse, sold the horse float) my bum has grown. And I have 'puter belly. (you know that extra roll in the tummy area, well that grew while I did a lot of photo processing photo shoots last year when I was crazy busy with it.)

After Fitness I'm heading over to Tumby to clean house. Our tenants over there have left and its a pig sty. I spent Sunday from 11 to 5 there and all I got done was the toilet and the kitchen. It's that bad. I had a bucket next to me in the loo so I could dry retch into it while scrubbing the floor with a big bristle brush. We have been doing 3 monthly inspections there and all was fine until they gave notice and within 2 weeks it all went to shit. It is soooo disappointing.

The camera is still away being cleaned. I was very surprised by the quote. I thought it be alot more for the body and 2 lenes. When it gets back I'll do a test shoot before referring on to you who I sent it to.

Just submitted my 11th assignment for my Photography course. One more to go. Its been the most awesomest learning experience and I can thoroughly recommend this one. It pushed me to be so much better than I thought I could be. Visit The Photography Institute and have a look at the prospectus to see if it tickles you. Its a Diploma course and its well worth the $$.

that it for the last couple of days.


Kirsty said...

I don't 'get' the Dear Lizzy line either...I thought it was maybe because I hadn't seen it IRL. Ugh at tenants...why would they even do that? Some people are just icky :(

Kylie :) said...

Bugga bout the house Tiff ! I had the same thing happen in Cms ... and she owed me $$$(a lot) in rent (after 5 yrs I'm still being paid back !) Some people are just so rude.
Good luck to Sean today. I'll be bringing Bree in this arvo to start pre-entry ... and would you believe my camera died yesterday ! I'll be using Charlie's little one to capture the day !! lol
Cya soon,

SueP said...

Hope you survived the day Tiff- on many accounts - without Sean, the cleaning and the fitness class, and that your boy had lots of fun!

Did Lock have new October Afternoon? I was going to go up this week too - but have lost my week somehow!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ooh...I knew u were doing a photog course but didn't realise it was this one...I love the look of it and want to do it later this year...I just have to earn the $$$ to do it because it defeintely looked the best of all the ones I looked at! Thanks for the reccomendation! Tatum xx