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Saturday, April 10, 2010

so proud of you 2

I miss my camera. A LOT. I took a pic of this LO with my very old Powershot which has nearly zero ability to manipulate and with the help of Photoshop managed to salvage a not too bad a pic. But it's absolutely shit with anything moving or in poor light. Ahh 50D, come home soon.


sandra said...

great layout Tiff..love the background!!
and about your camera.......WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!

maryanne r said...

mmm bet theres a bad case of seperation anxiety happening with the camera!!
love the layout
simple and stunning!

Anonymous said...

Tiff, I love the layout of your 2, soooooooooooo beautiful and inspiring and I love the polka dot background and the colours and wee pic addition. And just wanted to say, was showing my bestie the SIA site and cam across your lil message, you are the sweetest, funniest and best scrappy friend a gal could have, thankyou so much for making me smile, love you, Tiff other xx.