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Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter twenty10

Friday. Dutton Bay. lovely.

Saturday. Annie and I are batcheloretting atm so we headed over to Tumby Bay to see Granny (my Mum)

and then onto Pt Neil to catch up with my brother and his family and a mob of mates camping in the caravan park. We stayed there over night so Annie could be with lots of other kids for Easter Sunday. That turned out to be a top idea as I think I may have been last one in the swag (surprise surprise-not).

With daylight savings finishing on Saturday night, the clocks were wound back an hour so all the kids were awake disgustingly early on Easter Sunday morning. The caravan park had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids (and there were so many of them) and a bacon and egg breakfast all cooked for you. What a treat. And all compliments of the Park. What wonderful P.R.

Easter Bunny found Annie's basket that she made for him (and the one at home too!!)

On our way home from Pt Neil late this afternoon, coming back along the Dog Fence Road via Brayfield I came across this sight.

We always come home this way from the main highway and seeing the Marble Ranges as you come over the final crest means we are nearly home. I have always wanted to stop and take a pic so today was the day.

Annie and I had a Easter Egg hunt once I had unpacked.

Top weekend. Always good to catch up with family.

Monday. Photo Shoot in Lincoln depending on weather.


sandra said...

sounds like you had a great weekend!
great pics Tiff.

maryanne r said...

glad youre having a good easter weekend, Im doing lots of nothing and eating lots of choccies[no surprise there].
the photos look lovely.

Anonymous said...

You take gorgeous pictures! The photo of the field actually looks a LOT like where I live, though I'm way far away in the States!