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Saturday, April 17, 2010

the inspection

I've been spotting a bit of fussing cutting happening lately around the place. Its been in the digi world for a fair while and now I'm seeing it on paper LOs too. At first I didn't know really what it was called but I've heard Sandra mention it a couple of times so I thought I'd investigate.

Its a quilting term:

•When you find a particular design, picture or print in your fabric and then cut around it so it fits into a patch or block on your quilt.    www.how-to-quilt.com/articles/glossary-of-quilting-terms.shtml

Imagine the quilt as your LO and the fussy cutting is the particular design, picture or print of PP that you embellish your LO with.

So with this in mind I came up with this LO.  Lots of foam squares too.

ps. thanks Judy for letting me know of the typo. Inspection now spelt the right way on the LO.
duh -smacking head with hand.

I wasn't going to be home at this time of day today. We have a first day of Netball and Football for the 2010 season. Annie is still playing Netta which means she doesn't have competition games on Saturdays, just coaching during the week. But we still go to watch the matches when its our home game. Today it's Ramblers home game and its raining atm. So while we are not committed to going EVERY Saturday this year I can pick and choose depending on location, weather, kids, colds and stuff. So we are still home until the rain lifts. Shouldn't be long as it looks like a passing scud according to BOM radar

fingers crossed.


Kirsty said...

This is simply STUNNING!!! I am a HUGE fan of fussy cutting!

sandra said...

Gorgeous work Tiff!!
Love all the detail and the fussy cutting is lovely... now you know why they call it 'fussy' cutting hey?lol

maryanne r said...

mmm I too have heard sandra talk about fussy cutting...sounds a bit too fussy for this lazyass scrapper[me],
this LO is absolutely gorgeous
Im expecting a "RFP" soon

Kylie :) said...

Lovely page Tiff ! Looks great :)

PS: I just noticed an 's' missing in "Inspection" ... not being picky, just thought I'd let ya' know so you can squeeze it in before the glue sets hard !! lol :) x

:) Tiff said...

thanks Kylie. I had a friend point it out yesterday too. silly me. all fixed irl now.

thanks babe.