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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

card shark

While I am not overly thrilled with this LO its the story of the photos that's important.

journaling says:

we have found a great way for you to recognise numbers and how to count them. I just hope this doesn't lead you into being a bit of a card shark later on in your life. 2nd September 2008

those little playing cards I found so long ago in a second hand shop. I just knew I would be using them at some stage down the track.


Christine said...

Love the baby cards!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my photos, I finally switched my camera off auto...I've a very long way to go but I'm loving learning to use my camera better! Thanks also for letting me know about the scrapbook trends blog - I had no idea!

sandra said...

love how you have separated each word in the journalling! Cool.