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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

lightning shots

We had a bit of lightning last night so I took Annie and Mr R (who's here on a sleep over) out in the middle of the paddock to watch the show. It turn out to be a bit of a science lesson for the kids and I thought that worked out pretty cool

I took this one from the back pergola after the kids had gone to bed. It didn't take long to catch it. This one gave an almighty big crack and I must admit I was a bit jittery after it. I went inside as soon as I could. Just as well, as it then dumped down followed by small hail. I reckon this strike must have touched down somewhere around Treloar's house.

These shots are nothing flash but I'm glad to have captured them as I been having a go with lightning for a while and these are the best of the lot so far. I need much more practise tho.

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TatumW said...

jealous! I am hanging to get some great lightning shots...I was tempted to get out of bed at 1am this morning when it was flashing & crashing outside...we've got another thunderstorm forecast for today so I'll keep my fingers crossed I finally get some LOL! It was fantastic to meet you at the retreat...I cannot wait to do it again!!! Tatum xx