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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 perfect models

Golly gosh, these 3 are good kids. With Mum watching on, there was a fair bit of giggling happening. I really enjoyed this session so thanks guys for making it so stress free. Here's a little sneak peak. There's a few more over at Tiff Firth Photography on Face Book.

Mum had a lovely idea with having coloured eyes restored on the BW portraits. I usually get a really close up of the eyes for this, but I do think this will be an idea to use for future sessions. I can see the colours really well on my laptop, but not so well on my desktop. The two computer screens are a different resolution me thinks. Do they look dark on your end or can you clearly see the colour??

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Anonymous said...

Heath and Liam's show up fine. Kenzie's not so much. I am printing some off at the chemist tomorrow so i will let you know how they look in print! they all look gr8 tho! i am soooo very happy with them...you rock! :p Sacheen :)