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Saturday, December 26, 2009

coffin bay explorer

Darian and Carol Gale asked me to come out on a trip to shoot some promotional photography for their website and brochures. Coffin Bay Explorer

We canceled the first trip as the weather was against us. And I am so glad we did. The weather was perfect this time. The sea was glass, the water was crystal clear and the sunlight sparkled on the dolphins. I can thoroughly recommend this trip on the Coffin Bay Explorer. Esp families with kids. The dolphins were so relaxed and really inquisitive. I could have reached out and touched them with my fingers as we quietly idled with them.

Carol wanted some shots of the wildlife they see on most trips and some of the scenery. The bird life, the seals, the sea lion and especially of the dolphins.  I think I managed that OK. I wanted to capture some images that would be a little bit unexpected. IE of the ropes, with feet up, the anchor.

Part of the trip is at anchor with the dolphins just lazing around us while Darian shucked oysters fresh from the sea for our tasting.

I'm pretty sure they'll be pleased with the end result. I know I am.

More images at Tiff Firth Photography. (the sea lion, the seal and others for your viewing pleasure)

1 comment:

sandra said...

I am pretty sure they will be happy with these too Tiff.
Great shots.
Love that lost shot of the wine and oyster!
so well done