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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mother's Day - Annie, Sean

I was on a bit of a roll last night. Mind you I did do a his and hers LO for their albums. They are both different but with similar photos.

The kids and I were in Lincoln today for the post Christmas specials.

I found myself a (would you believe it - I cant) a purple swag. That swag so had my name all over it. Annie took,  grew into,   acquired my swag since she was very little. I have had to ask her very kindly if I may borrow her swag if I needed one in the last few years. During this last year, we have all needed one on the same night on various occasions, so it was high time I found by own (again). Sean has what used to be Granny's and Kym has his own.

 I have been looking very seriously at mountain bikes. Since I'm not riding horses atm, I need to be doing something active. Doing nothing is driving me to distraction. And funny ha ha, the one I looked at today is purple. Te he....  and that is not the reason why I like it. I haven't committed yet. Still a couple of shops to lurk look through.

And I have a totally kid free day tomorrow. My goodness, what will I do??????

1 comment:

maryanne r said...

you know why I love both of these!!
totally gorgeous color combos!!

was there much in the way of sales in lincoln?I thought linc was a little too sleepy for post xmas sales, well at least til tuesday!