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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas lights

They say time flies when you're having fun. Well I can certainly testify to that. It has been absolutely whizzing past.

They also say, that you are only as busy as you make it. I have been making it really busy. And I love it.

- I took the kids into town to look at the Christmas lights last night. I have to say that town is certainly dark compared to how it used to be. I don't know if its apathy, or if Christmas has snuck up so fast, or quite what. But there's certainly not the amount of effort put into as it has been in past years.

I took in the tripod and wanted to catch some of the atmosphere by not using any flash. Mr and Mrs H very kindly let me come into their yard to get a bit closer to their awesome display of spirit.

Every night when he turns the lights on, he turns on a little motor which drives the back wheel of the bike. So Mr and Mrs Santa cycle for a few hours. And yes he has replaced a rear bald tyre at least once.

They also have this message up every year.

Their wonderful efforts into their displays is just awesome.

After spotting the Nicholl's car cruising the lights as well, I had a txt from Sarah to have a go at capturing the Nativity scene at the Lutheran church. I think it turned out OK.

- This morning I went on the Coffin Bay Explorer to catch the sights and shoot promotional photography for their website and brochures. I really really recommend this charter trip to families with kids. You get to see the dolphins up really close and personal in the pristine waters there. We had dolphins check us out and we watched their antics while the Explorer just idled in the water. They were totally relaxed and so inquisitive. I am working on processing that shoot tomorrow (Wed). Pics to post later.

- This evening I was invited by the Kapinnie community to shoot their district Harvest Cut out, Christmas drinks and an entry photo into a competition. The silos and the footy goals posts are rather iconic of this town, so they were the natural choice for background. People were asked to come in whatever uniform they have that represents their involvement in the community. We had CFS, Ambo, Cricket, Tennis, Netball and lots of other people there. I am guessing that there would have been 60 people all up in the big group shot. 
Goooo Kapinnie!!!! was loudly yelled before a couple shots. So funny. What fantastic support in this area. Thanks very much to Sam for teeing this up. You are an ambassador for Kapinnie.

- We had visitors come over after tea for Christmas drinks.

All in all it has been a rather full day. Tomorrow is a lay day. Meaning a lay in bed for a while before getting up. Its going to be a filthy hot day so having a day inside in on the menu.

Stay cool

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