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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

what a morning.

What's better than an ice coffee first thing in the morning????

3 wonderful acceptances from Cassie, Australian Editor of Creating Keepsakes. Unfortunately I couldn't commit to one of them as it's already been contracted to a different magazine.

2 of them were from the E2C scrapathon at Karkoo where I scrapped 24hrs without a wink of sleep. I was on such a buzz.

Happy Dancing. I'll be skipping around all day now.

Of course I've had to remove them from display but the posts for them are
and here.

And congratulations to the lucky 10 scrappers who had phone calls yesterday and had the Master's crown placed on their heads. Apparently the Masters Edition of SM is coming out in January, not December as in previous years. Must be so excruciating for the lucky ones to keep thier ID secret for that much longer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awesome work chickadee!

i had one from SC today buy SM already picked it up. i haven't subbed for ages, have lost all my mojo and a wee bit of self confidence.

thanks for the blog love :)

oh, and sorry I am not coming to E2C, so dunno when i will get to scrap with you again. :(