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Saturday, December 19, 2009

weekly wrap up.

Yesterday's pooppy(??) weather gave me some breathing room. The photo session for the charter boat business was postponed to next week and this morning's photo shoot was postponed due to illness. That's OK. That's the way it goes and both have re-booked.

This week ran to plan until yesterday. So after a early morning phone call I turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep for a bit. I had a PJ morning with the kids before we headed off to swim lessons. And yep it was chilly when wet in that breeze. Sean spat it after a max of 10 mins, and Annie's bottom lip dropped about 40 mins into her lesson, but at least she stuck it out. He didn't. After a hot bath and hot lunch, we had a causal arvo before heading back to Coffins for one last time to visit Grandpa and Grandma. They headed off today (Friday). They and the kids had their Christmas gift giving last night.

Today was a sleep in for the kids after a late night last night for them. They had their last swim lessons today. Sean spat it again (little shit) and Annie had a ball.

When we came home I went out to hang out the wet towels and found this.

Gives new meaning to fishing line lol. Kym dries the fish before he smokes them, and so he took over the clothes line.

Not one to enjoy silence for too long, I asked the kids if they would like any friends to come over for a sleep over tonight. So as I type this at 12.45 am, Annie, Teagan, Ryan and Sean are all fast asleep. They have had so much fun.

A day of nothing planned for tomorrow. My first day like this for over a month according to my diary. Yikes. I think I will be bored by late morning. At least the kids will entertain me.

And yes, I have scrapped. I finally made my way over to the scrap table tonight after the babes hit the sack. After all the bustle of life, photography, processing, the in-tray, the monthly reconcile, and getting a head start on this month's books before we go away, I needed to scrap. I dont have a pic of it yet. Will do in the morning. And shit it felt good.  =-D

Have a great weekend.

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maryanne r said...

love the photos tiff, they are really crisp and clear.the fish on the clothesline is a great shot![had me a little chuckle at that] a story to be scrapped there maybe?