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Monday, December 14, 2009

carols by candlelight and Nativity

I took the kids to the Carols by Candlelight and the Nativity reenactment tonight. Mainly for two reasons.

1. Since Annie has been to Xroads, she has been exposed to some light religious instruction. Kym and I are of no particular persuasion so we are really pleased to have her experience this in a friendly, safe and fun atmosphere. I was really keen for Annie to visually see, what they talk about at Xroads, as far as the birth of Jesus, the three wise men, the star and all that. So when I asked her in the car on the way home, if anything she saw tonight made sense, she said yep, its all the stuff at Xroads.  

tick. winner.

2. One of the many reasons that I bought that particular canon lens was for low light shooting. Tonight was the perfect night to give it a whirl. I really enjoy no flash photography, and I am THRILLED how this pic turned out.

While the Sing Australia performers were caroling on stage, Annie was reading the songbook and joining in. Perfect. All she had was an itty bitty torch for light. I admit I have blown the torch light out a bit, but I really wanted to catch the bounced light on Annie's face.

tick. winner.

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