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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

he she him

After helping a damsel in Photoshop distress  ;-) I was lucky enough to acquire some very noice actions. This evening in the soft warm light I managed to get everyone outside for a quick photo or two. After a number of hours of fiddling, watching the action tutorial (again) and finally getting the hang of them I managed to end up with these.

looks like a little sun in his hand doesn't it!!

These actions are just awesome to age or vintage a photo, and I am sure that they can do so much more than that. More tweaking required.

oh the possibilities!!

Went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks at the movies today. Funny but very loud. Worth it.

Hope to hit the pool tomorrow (Wednesday) with a disposable underwater camera in hand. Sean has just started putting his whole head underwater (yay) whenever he chooses to. This may get him going completely under. It did for Annie. If nothing else, at least I'll cool off. Fairly hot here they reckon.

Stay cool


janice said...

...Great models,

.. Clever PS editor,

...Fabulous photos.

Anonymous said...

Top photos Tiff, the kidlets look so cute ! The little 'sunshine' in Sean's hand looks great !

Karyn Kuniyuki said...

Tiff- Loving the action you used on your daughter, lovely! Re: the river bed, I have an actions set called "Itty Bitty 40" and within that I used the action called Old School, which tends to white wash everything, and leave blues and greens brighter, which I then saturated just along the water line and the skyline. Also, I have been adding Pioneer Woman's free action "Boost" to a lot of my images. It gives a burst of color, sharpens everything, and makes the blacks richer. I find that the key to actions is not to apply the whole thing. When you can, go into the layers and create a mask and erase areas that look too overdone, or make them more opaque. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments, I truly look forward to them!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous pics, you are one awesome photographer, thanks for sharing, wishing you a Happy New Year, Vicki