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Monday, December 7, 2009

last few days

We had the awesome pleasure of Paige's company yesterday, last night and today. It was wonderful to catch up and spend time with her. Mwah.

I planned a trip to Lincoln today and Paige came along. She was a very handy distraction for Sean while some Christmas stuff was collected  ;oD

I had a late morning phone call from the school while we were in Lincoln to say that Annie wasn't well. So Janice (bless your cotton pickin socks) picked up Annie from school while Paige and I left Lincoln to come home to collect her.

ahhhh well, most of the important stuff was done. Including a sexy new pair of black heels. Va Va Voom. I feel 6 foot tall in them. lol

Both the kids have been crook off and on over the last week. Unexplained high temps, headaches, the occasional up chuck, and very very tired. At one stage Annie was 40.0 degrees, had what she called exploding headaches and slept 18 hours out of 24 for three days. AB's helped with the sinus and ear infections. She was clear for a few days, and whamoo, crook today. She was her chipper self this morning as I sent her off to school, and now she's slept nearly 3 hours this arvo. Poor little Miss.

Sean had a night of tummy upset over the weekend and high temps. That has cleared up except for the temp. He's still hovering around 38.0 degrees.  We have gone through a lot of Panadol this last week.

This week is hell busy. Photo shoot tomorrow morning, and another in Lincoln tomorrow evening with a family group of 15. A photo shoot for my assignment 7 on Wednesday morning, Annie's class party and then her swim lesson in the arvo. Thursday sees another photography booking and then a long lunch here with some very special friends. Friday is Sean's last Baby Bounce FOREVER. School knocks off early, and then the Traders night that evening. Saturday Sean has a birthday party to go in Coffin Bay and Sunday is the Yallunda Flat Nativity Scene. And in amongst all that is family time, husband time, and photo processing. I can see the midnight candle burning extremely well this week.

Would I change any of it. Hell no. I love a full and rich life. Bring it on!!

oh and a quick photo of our Christmas tree. I moved it out of my lounge room onto the back porch for better light. That went surprisingly easily seeing the tree was fully decorated.

My sister in law makes each family member an angel each year. They are all unique to each person and for each year. Last year she made me this pasta angel that now proudly adorns my Christmas tree. There are about 20 family members, so as you can imagine, there's a bit of thought process involved.

and the letters to Father Christmas have been done.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a busy beaver Tiff !! Sorry to hear the kidlets have been unwell, I hope they're back on track soon.
The little decorations are very sweet.
Cya soon,

Jane said...

Luv the photo of the tree and the kids letters Tiff..they look great. just a quick question, what settings do you use to take a photo of your tree..mine never turn out very well