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Saturday, July 4, 2009

grateful in so many ways

can now reveal......

The LO as promised using the pics and journaling from my previous post from the Gratitude challenge at E2C.

This is how I pictured it in my mind.

So I am glad that's how it came together as it's fairly unusual because most of my LO's just happen without any pre planning. That the reason why wherever I go, all my stash travels with me. The thought of planning a LO (and I have tried it a couple of times) just crushes my creativity. I must work best by pulling a LO together based on impulsive first reaction to the photo(s). So I need everything at hand to put on the page as it comes to mind. The thought of downsizing my stash for travel or to go to Retreats just breaks me out in a cold sweat.

I am actually heading off for a much anticipated weekend at the end of this month to Adelaide. I have made some very lovely forum friends that I will meet in real life. We intend to scrap a bit, talk a lot, drink a lot, eat a lot, laugh until our tummies hurt. Oh and the odd photo snapped too.

I thought of driving myself over just so I can take all my stash. The only hitch is I literally cant drive Adelaide. I am claustrophobic. I can get as far as Gepps Cross and I HAVE to get out from behind the drivers wheel. I'm a gibbering sweaty mess. The cars next to me are far too close, the buildings lean in and loom over me, there are so many distractions and I frankly do not feel capable of driving safely. Not at all.

So.... with this weighing hugely on my getting there in the first place, I have decided to fly. All the scrap stuff will stay home. I am taking the laptop for photo editing all weekend (hoping to get a couple of tips from Ange), the camera, and a change of clothes. And a pizza box to bring back goodies from shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. Nat works at Seriously Scrapbooking and that is our first port of call. Then the bottlo. So I will have the panadol packed for sure!!

And ... breaking news... Jerry has been sold. So now I am officially horse-less. And for the moment I am enjoying not having to care for an animal that is 100% reliant on me. Esp this time of year with rugging, extra feeds and to have him presented well for Hunts. So I am on horse holiday. I am on the look out for the next one, but am not rushing. The right one will turn up.

I have 3 photographic shoots this week and a couple more in the pipeline for the following. So that will keep me busy for a bit, as well as financial year stuff, and end of month stuff, as well as holiday stuff with the kids, as well as studying, as well as taking a fortnight's tuition with Jessica Sprague with photo editing.

I love a full life. Bring it on!!



maryanne r said...

bravo tiff! beautifully done!

the adelaide weekend sounds fabbo, hope you have a ball.And I hope weather conditions are favourable for flying![lol]
I am surprised about your not driving in ad, I dont either, but you seem so capable of anything!
I have a fear of heights and freak out a little on escalaters.seriously I do! When I was younger I got stuck at the top of one, my family was at the bottom, and all these people were trying to help me down, but eventually my brother had to come back up and carry me down.When in adelaide airport the other day, I had the same fear and hesitation again, and had to force myself to hop on, as there was no way in hell I was going on the glass elevators.Man theyre so much worse.

Kirsty said...

Love the LO and the weekend escape sounds just so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Scrapbooking is a wicked shop. I could spend ages in there hey. :) Thanks for pointing it out to me Tiff. :) Mwah. Paige. xx