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Sunday, July 19, 2009

holiday check list revisited

As I had said that I would come back to my holiday list of activites and check them off, I better do it.

PLAY tick
sleep in (I wish) tick, only got two in.
go to Lincoln to watch a movie with the kids. tick, Ice Age 3. its a giggle
picnic on North Block up by the tower big tick. It was fantastic.
they'll come with me for my photo sessions. (handy distractions for the kids coming to see me) tick
have a least 2 whole complete Dad days (already have one booked!!) tick tick
come to the Hunt with me. tick
have at least one pyjama day tick
cook with them. (big challenge as I burn, I don't cook) lol da daa didnt happen.
hopefully see the newborn guinea pigs of which we are acquiring two. da daa. They're still not born yet. I think the two Mum GP are having phantom pregnancies.
go visit Granny. tick
visit Port Lincoln Kinder Gym. tick
See Paige tick (Happy 19th Bday chicky!!)
Play in the playground and have an ice cream in Tumby Bay. tick
Have friends over to play. tick
Visit friends to play. tick

For me
PLAY. with the kids. with scrapping. with photo sessions. with photo editing. with life!!! TICK!!!
change over office file systems for new financial year tick
I need to be in Whyalla so I will need to visit Spotlight and the Scrapshop (of course) tick.
attend both scrapnites in Lincoln and the one in Cummins. tick tick tick and a tick for Lock srap day.
finish module 3 and 4 and to have started 5. (this is a biggie) da daaa. Became so busy with photo sessions that they became my focus for the holidays instead of study.
Complete the online Jessica Sprague photo editing and frameups course (so looking forward to this one) half a tick. Half way thru and LOVIN it. If you didnt sign up, give yourself a swift kick in the bum. You should have!!
sleep in (I wish) tick
start on gathering end of financial year paperwork for the accountant. (gulp) a bit of a tick
shoot the photography sessions I have booked and add more bookings to my diary. tick x 10. Had the most awesome sessions with lots of families including Dads. Soooo much fun.

So that's it. I covered nearly everything but failed miserably with Study. Have a day planned with Tanya on Tuesday to make some head way.

Hope you all had great holidays with your kids.

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