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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miss T and Mr R

Just finished processing the pics from another shoot. I am not able to show them to you, but I can tell you that the young people loved being in front of the camera. And the camera loved them too. So many shots were 'you bloody rippas'.

I dare say Mum will print them off and for those here in the area may see some in her scrapping creations down the track.

So thanks Mum for letting me pinch the kids for a while and having a whole bunch of fun with them. Oh and thanks very very much T for helping Annie with her DS Dogs. She's addicted now!! ;o)

I have a couple of time slots available next week of school holidays if anyone would like some family portrait shots done. Its easier while the older kids are home from school.

I like to make the photo sessions casual and fun. I don't do formal. It's just not my style. If one of the children gets upset, don't stress as it doesn't stress me at all. I can always find a brother or a sister, or a parent to take pics of, and jelly beans or bubbles are really fantastic for finding those smiles again. I am more than happy to find a nappy, wipe up spills or take 10 mins out while bubs is having a feed. If you're not relaxed and enjoying it, you can be sure the kids aren't either. So sit back or jump in with the kids and have a moment of time captured forever.

leave me a comment here, email or phone me for those who have those details, if you would like me to capture your memories for you.

Go here for an idea of what my 'style' (whatever that is lol) is like and to get an idea of what sort of shots you may like. Be warned, I always snap baby and kids feet. I have a full on foot fetish and I love seeing so many tootsies to satisfy my craving. lol.


sandra said...

Hello Miss T's and Mr R's Mum here.
Undeciphered that is Teagan and Ryan, lol
Just popped to say that I was emailed a sneak peak and what I have seen are bloody fantastic!
Dad is not to sure about the kids photo's being on the internet, (even though I sometimes sneak in a layout or two with their photos on another local blog (shhh our secret)
If you have older kids I recommend having a photo shoot with Tiff.

Tiff, I think you might need to change your name from Itty Bitty Babies to something else LOL
I am serious about having a photo session ....of ME! LOL
and I ain't no itty bitty baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Aha, so that's the T & R !! Would love to see the snaps one day Sandra(not on the www tho').
We too have a photo session lined up for later in the year but sadly, no itty bitty babies here anymore either !!
Cya soon Girls. I must be off ... still packing for town !
Kylie x