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Monday, July 27, 2009

santa's little helper.

I've had a fairly busy last 24 hours.

Sean developed asthma late Friday night and by Sunday early arvo I couldn't manage it home anymore. As soon as he doesn't respond to the nebuliser at home, I pack hospital bags and head on in.

As Kym was away as of Friday and not returning till after tea last night, I had to find someone to have Annie for me. Huge thanks to my very good friends the Nicholls family. My stress level dropped dramatically when you said yes and I was there within 10 mins. I am so lucky to have you to lean on when I need someone. Thank you so much.

Hourly nebs for 48 hours are exhausting for Sean. He is such a little trooper and he is the 'happiest wheezer' I know. Not really grumpy at all. I know I would be just horrid if I was in his shoes. At last he had a stretch of 3 hours sleep about dawn this morning.
Kym has gone in on 'day shift' today, and if Sean is still there tonight, I'll head back in. I much rather the night shift as Sean gets on a Neb high during the day and starts to buzz. Tricky to keep him reasonably quiet in a very busy country hospital. Kym is much more patient than I am in this situation.
So I came home this morning, had a snooze, caught up on emails, FB and finished a LO.

***edited to add*** he's in again tonight so I am too. Sean's improving slowly but surely.

sorry that the focus is a bit out, but I reckon my eyes were a bit blurry from a severe lack of sleep. lol.
Now to explain these little roses.

I love Prima flowers. Very very much. They are shockingly expensive. So when I found this little tutorial on Nic Nac's blog I jumped all over it and made myself little rosettes straight away. Zip over there and have a look, leave her a comment and say where you found her link from. ;o)

If you have those Kaiser flowers by the dozens, or the little Prima flowers, then this tutorial is for you. Use up a few, make some room in the stash for newer blooms and its such a cool look a like for a fraction of the cost. And it takes about a minute for each one.

Easy Peasy.


Anonymous said...

Big hugs to Sean. Hope he gets better soon. :) Paige xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, I feel sooooooo bad for your little man, wish I could extend a big hug from cyberspace. I love your layout, in fact you have inspired me to do a couple Chrissy layouts, so thanks for that. Your dog is too cute, or maybe lanky is more appropriate hehe. I tried to watch your You Tube clip but it has been removed??? Damn, it looked funny, Tiff other xx.

Anonymous said...

Oh and that vintage photo too - STUNNING, STUNNING, STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

I hope that your son gets to feeling better soon. I have a daughter with heart and lung disease and know far too well how hard it can be for them to breathe and how life is giving "breathers" as we call it day and night.

I love your layout and your flowers turned out great!

Good luck to you!

Nancy said...

I just noticed that this post is almost a year old. I followed the link on nicnac's tutorial on how to make the little flowers.

I do hope that your son is healthy and doing well. :)