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Monday, July 13, 2009

Nicholl's x3

oh so photogenic.
S - you're smile is so real.
M- thanks mate for being happy to sit in with the 'girls'. You're a legend.
And J. My very good friend. You should be so very proud of yourself. You have two very well grounded young adults that love you very much. They are a reflection of you.

enjoy your sneak peek. I loved having time with you today.


sandra said...

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family.
I am sure J and the kids will treasure these Tiff.

maryanne r said...

oh wow these are just beautiful, tiff.really love the classic black and white color.such lovely natural looking smiles too, everyone looks relaxed, and comfortable.
Well done J on getting the teens to have their pics taken, and well done you for being in there too!maybe some great material to be used there for some pressies for family, and maybe an upcoming fathers day?

maryanne r said...

ps.sandra apparently the big feet do it for her too!!!LOL

sandra said...

lol Maryanne. If big feet do it for Tiff as well as little ones, then I better keep my shoes on around her then!.. it might get a bit awkward :O !!! I have size 10's! They are so big I have to pay landtax!!

janice said...

Thanks Tiff for our photo shoot. lots of great photos...some not so good!!!Now where to start with the scrapping this should get my mojo going again. Sandra and Maryanne were you able to pick my feet... yes the wrinkly ones, oh to be getting old!! I am very lucky Sarah and Matthew are great kids.