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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ridgeway men.

oh the joy.

3 photo shoots today. AND all the came Dads along. AND they were all really keen to be there. I'll post the pics as I finish each set.

The first one was a bit of a challenge for me. 2 reclutant teenagers and a nearly teen. I had been trying to have this one happen on the sly for the last couple of weeks with no luck. So I asked Dad to help me be conniving. Why, you ask. Well, it was to be a surprise for Mum. Maryanne is a very good friend of mine and I know her boys frustrate her immensely when she picks up the camera. And with N in Year 12 this year, he has nearly left home. So I really wanted to get the fellas together while everyone is still living as a family under the one roof.

In the end, Maryanne was suspicious this morning so the 'surprise' didn't quite happen as planned. No big deal. I had a yarn to her on the phone and asked if she wanted to come on in with her camera and take some shots too. Go check her blog for her angle of photo shoot.

Surprise Maryanne. (well, sort of)


maryanne r said...

you sure did take on a challenge trying to get a decent shot of these ferals!!very brave lady!!!

maryanne r said...


Zan said...

What cool photos of these strapping young lads (& hubby). They turned out really well - you really seemed to catch their ratbag side in the first one. Well done, Tiff.