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Saturday, July 11, 2009

medical report.

t's confirmed. My good knee is stuffed. Not in a major way, but I am now looking at my 3rd knee op since I was a teenager (looong time ago lol). So with fingers crossed, I can be slotted in at the beginning of September.
To find this out I needed to see a doc up in Whyalla (some 2.5 hours away), so a girlie road trip was in order, with retail therapy in mind. Sandra and Janice jumped on in and off we went. I never knew that Whyalla was as close as it seemed yesterday. Talk about laugh, chat, goss and generally all round good times made the time absolutely whizz by. 1.5 hours in Spotlight is just not enough. And that was just in the Craft section. I never had time to see the rest. The girls checked out Cheap As Chips next door while I had my Dr's appt. Lunch in Westlands, quick look around and then off to Daisy Chains. (little treasure trove that place).
As Maryanne had to work and so wasnt able to come with us :( we brought back a little something to let her know that we missed her.

By the time we got back it was about 5.30ish. Scrapnite at the Sheoak last night. I ripped home, dropped off my goodies, picked up the lappy with a couple of ciders in the esky, and tore back into town. Photoshopped my back log of pics. It was a lot easy to grab the 'puter, than to lug everything in and then work with it. ( I must be geting slack).

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbooking Memories Young Scrappers Iss 12 no.2. pg 110

This is Annie's answer to the E2C music challenge. She sat and watched the video a couple of times and off she went. She had very little input from me (it ticks her off if I interfere, so I usually go to a different room in the house and come in if she calls out for help). TBH trees and birds just dont do it for me. Never have and probably never will. So I wondered for ages how I could support the blog with this challenge. LoL, I woke up with the answer this morning. Little blossom has asked me to sub it for the junior scrappers in SBM as well. ( I wonder where she got that idea from??) rofpmsl

We have the M men (3 young chaps) staying with us tonight, so a household of noisy fun is sure to be had. Cant wait. These guys all give me hugs and kisses and I just love it!!


maryanne r said...

wow annie
what a beautiful job youve done.your page looks fantastic.
you are just as clever as your mum I think!!
I hope we some more "annie " pages on here soon.

maryanne r said...

ps. would have loved to have been with you all.would have been FUN ...but work instead, thanks for thinking of me but!