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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thankyou for all your comments and support for my photography on FB. Its wonderful and uplifting to hear what you say about what I see thru the viewfinder. And I dont mind constructive critiquing. I am always willing to learn something new each day. (that's one of my personal mottos actually). Your comments are welcome here too ;-)

The first week of school holidays except for Tuesdays are booked out for photo sessions and things that I need to do, but I still do have a few spots free in the second week if you are after some family portraits. Easier to get them done while the older kids are not committed to school, than trying to rush them to me during recess time.

So let me know via my email addy (most people should know that one te he), phone or let me know thru here and I'll contact you.

have a great day and stay warm


sandra said...

great to hear that you are getting a lot of sessions Tiff... not surprising though... ;)
the photos of Tatum and Fine Line are stunning.. love that one where she is laying on the sand with Fine Line nudging her.. the relationship between horse and owner is captured beautifully.
hmmm you might have to change your name though... seems as though you might be not only doing itty bitty babies lol

maryanne r said...

great stuff tiff,
the horse/tatum shots are just beautiful.
thanks for thinking of me yesterday,was crapping myself just a little teeny bit!
good luck for friday.hope its nothing too major.