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Friday, July 3, 2009

project gratitude

Over at the E2c blog there is a Gratitude photographic challenge. I need to photograph 5 things that I am grateful for. These are the pics and why each one is important to me.

I am so very grateful to the person who invented the nebuliser for asthmatics. Without it, I am certain we would have lost Sean. Without a doubt. It has saved him from so many hospital stays by giving us the ability to manage his asthma at home.

I grew up on a farm and have always thought it the best way to bring up kids. Such a natural enviroment rather than the urban jungle. So I am grateful that the bloke I fell in love with and married is a farmer. So now I am too.

I am every so grateful for these very capable hands. They work so hard to provide for the family. When not working on farm during the peak times of season, they are flat out working off farm as a Builder. These hands have allowed me to stay at home to care for the kids during their pre school years. I love these hands.

And I love these hands. too. Especially at bedtime, after I have read him his story and we have kissed good night, I get up and pretend to leave. He calls out ‘hug Mum!!’ and he holds me so tight and squeezes his love around my neck. It’s so honest and without reserve. I am grateful that he can hug me and tell me that he loves me.

Ahh Annie. That beautiful long hair. I am grateful that it is so easy to manage...providing we plait it for school. I do adore brushing your hair and burying my nose in it for a big snuff after it’s dried from being washed. That smell is Heaven on a stick.

I am working on a LO for E2C challenge with these pics as well. Great challenge. I really enjoyed going thru the thought process of what is important. And more often than not, its the little things in life that are so meaningful.


Kirsty said...

Gorgeous things to be thankful for! The last one made me a bit teary as I loved when my girls had their long hair...I found internet sites with cool hair dos for school, and then they wanted short hair, so no more hair time:(
I love my hubby's hands too, so capable and strong, but also gentle!

SueP said...

Great Photos Tiff ....and we have so much to be grateful for that we forget in our busy day to day life!

maryanne r said...

I agree tiff, it is the little things that mean so much.
youve done a fab job with this challenge.looking forward to seeing the LOs of these.