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Thursday, July 2, 2009

the sum of us = 4

Yay. I have had the time to scrap. Finally. And it felt so good.

The pics in the LOs just recently, and in some more yet to come, are from my Mum's 60th Birthday in 2007.
Its a rare occasion when someone else holds my camera to take some shots of all of us, so I jumped on it (of course). So there will be a few of the same pics on His and Hers LOs. (Sean and Annie). I could have done a collage of smaller pics on the one LO just to get them done, but frankly, one pic would distract from another, so I decided to do them all individually. Only because they are important family ones.
stay warm and dry.

1 comment:

SueP said...

I love the flower on this one! ...am seeing lots of these types of flowers around lately!! Beautiful!

You had a successful night in PL then!! Many show??