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Friday, July 3, 2009

holiday check list

I love school holidays. I just love having both kids at home and doing stuff with them. I try to have an idea of an activity a day, be it for them, for me, or for all of us.

Rather than have a mental tick list which is prone to forgetfullness, I thought I'd blog here so I don't leave any off the list, or I can add to. I intend to revisit this list at the end of the holidays and see how many I can tick off.
  • PLAY
  • sleep in (I wish)
  • go to Lincoln to watch a movie with the kids.
  • picnic on North Block up by the tower
  • they'll come with me for my photo sessions. (handy distractions for the kids coming to see me)
  • have a least 2 whole complete Dad days (already have one booked!!)
  • come to the Hunt with me.
  • have at least one pyjama day
  • cook with them. (big challenge as I burn, I don't cook) lol
  • hopefully see the newborn guinea pigs of which we are acquiring two.
  • go visit Granny.
  • visit Port Lincoln Kinder Gym.
  • See Paige
  • Play in the playground and have an ice cream in Tumby Bay.
  • Have friends over to play.
  • Visit friends to play.

For me

  • PLAY. with the kids. with scrapping. with photo sessions. with photo editing. with life!!!
  • change over office file systems for new financial year
  • I need to be in Whyalla so I will need to visit Spotlight and the Scrapshop (of course)
  • attend both scrapnites in Lincoln and the one in Cummins.
  • finish module 3 and 4 and to have started 5. (this is a biggie)
  • Complete the online Jessica Sprague photo editing and frameups course (so looking forward to this one)
  • sleep in (I wish)
  • start on gathering end of financial year paperwork for the accountant. (gulp)
  • shoot the photography sessions I have booked and add more bookings to my diary.

Happy holidays to all.

t xx

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