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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so so excited

Well its here.

My long awaited, anticipated weekend in Adelaide where I catch up with 5 very good online friends. I 'met' them about a year ago on a scrapbooking forum. The girls are all flying in from Melbourne and one from Perth (I think) and we all land about the same time early Fri morning.

We are all staying with Nat and her very amazing hubbie in their home. There's a couple of Adelaide chicks joining us as well for the weekend. We'll land, we'll coffee, we'll shop, we'll unpack, we'll eat a lot, we'll open the bar early, we'll talk alot, we'll laugh alot, we'll scrap a bit amd we'll sleep little.

lol. My weekend escape starts tomorrow as I have appts in Lincoln and scrapnite tomorrow nite. I'll stay down at my Grandpa's rather than drive back and forth.

I don't think the plane will allow a trailer to be hitched on behind it, and the thought of downsizing what I need to bring stash wise breaks me into a cold sweat. I dont pre plan LOs. It all happens as it happens. So I had to either drive it all across or take none at all and fly. So I am flying with the lappy, the camera and a toothbrush. (and a few necessaries like a change of clothes). I have left plenty of room to bring goodies home tho!!!

Yipppppeeeeeeeee. I am nearly out of here

I'll be back Sunday night. Very weary but I'll be very happy scrappy chicky.

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