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Monday, July 13, 2009

photoshop FUN

I've been learning some photo editing techniques in Photoshop with Jessica Sprague tonight. And I am having so much FUN.
Have learnt heaps and cant wait to wake up tomorrow and start on the next session. I am involved in a 14 day workshop and an very very glad I signed up when I did.

check this out.

before (untouched from the camera)


shit hot!!


Kirsty said...


Anonymous said...

OMG that absolutely stunning Tiff. was already in the "before" shot but the "after" shot is just truly gorgeous - very hallmark card-like. I love the look of some of the cards you can buy.
shit hot indeed!!
JAne P

sandra said...

beautiful photo Tiff, before and after.
Sorry about not leaving many comments on your blog but for some reason an error message comes up saying that it can't open your page and 'operation aborted'
Sooooo annoying, I have to work really quick to hit the comments link before it goes off... I think your slide show must be messing with my computer....
Anyone else having the same problem??

oh ps.... congrats on yet another pick up!!

Martina Reynolds said...

Oh absolutley gorgeous !! Oh I wish I would have signed up for the free lessons I saw it all today and Im to late very very sad I am as I love to play around with photoshop anyway better luck next time I suppose !! If you feel like sharing lol any tip you can always email lol martinaholmstrom@hotmail.com OMG Im being soooo cheeky now !! xoxoxo Tina