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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

australia day 2011

We went to the Australia Day breakfast that our local council puts on this morning. This is also the occasion when the Citizen of the Year, the Junior Citizen of the Year, the Community Event of the Year and the Organization of the Year are recognized.

A friend of mine nominated the Christmas Wonderland (click on the word for my blog pics) as the Community Event. As she's away atm she asked if I would read out her nomination at the ceremony this morning. Not being a shy girl...lol... I said that I would.

I normally talk quite quickly and sometimes get my words mixed (no I'm not dyslexic) but for some reason, when I do public speaking I do slow right down and not often stumble on words. It's is a mental process to slow down at the beginning and then I find the rhythm. Although I was a bit nervous, I was in front of a crowd of familiar faces that were smiling to me.

Photo courtesy of my dear Kym.

The kids got into the theme of the day....

We hoping to head to the beach after lunch.

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amyf said...

cool sunnies! the trick to public speaking is picturing everyone in their undies isnt it??