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Sunday, January 16, 2011

tumby, day 15

Paige dropped in to say goodbye this morning. She's on her way to her new abode on the other side of the state to start her job as an RN. I couldn't help it. I tried to hold it in so as not to upset Paige, but I cried. We are so proud of her.

 A bit of backstory with Paige. She boarded with us for some of her Year 11 and most of her Year 12 schooling years to have the right subjects to enter Uni to study RN nursing. She was there when Sean was new born and Pagie knew Annie since she was very little. So the kids and I love her like she's our own.

To see her head out into the working world tugged my heart strings. And to see her mature in such a level headed and responsible person makes me so darn proud. 

The kids headed out with Kym to the Ungarra Gun Club at lunchtime for a shoot. Quite a few came out today and a number of kids too. 

I was asked by the owners of Modra's Apartments to shoot a portfolio of images to showcase the 3 types of apartments they have. Today was perfect as I didn't have the kids with me and it worked out that I could do 2 of the 3 today before the people shifted in them at 1pm. I'm working on a few other ideas for their gardens one evening when the light is right and the breeze drops.

I've worked on the photos this arvo, put on a roast for tea and then headed out to the Gun Club. I shot a round of 25 targets which I haven't done since this time last year. I was pleased how my shoulder felt after too, since I had surgery on it since then as well.

Back home for a yummy roast tea, and worked on the Modra photos.

Scotch is tasting good atm too

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Anonymous said...

Nawww. I only just got onto the computer to check out ur blog and *tear* i love you guys soooo much!! :) xx Paige xx