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Monday, January 10, 2011

tumby, day 9

Kym headed back home today to finish delivering the last of the grain from this year's harvest and the general tidy up of machinery before its shedded away for the next 10 months. The kids and I had a slack morning, no rushing around to have Annie ready for Beach Mission now that's finished.

Today was the perfect day for the surfboards and boogie boards at VAC swim. Small breaking waves just the right size for kids to negotiate to 'rescue' their partner in the deeper water.

I couldn't resist this shot of Sean's toe with a band aid on it. ( I still have that kids' foot fetish lol)

After lunch, seeing that Annie had a blast with the boards in the waves we headed to a different spot on the beach for us. The view looking North.

Annie dug the waves and Sean amused himself with the beach toys. I caught up on some mag reading time.

When we got back to the cabin and had washed Annie's hair, I shooed her outside to let it dry off. I found her reading a book out loud to Max. Too cute.

Just to mention here that Annie has finished another Harry Potter book and is about to get into the Prisoner of Azkaban next. HP has really fired up her imagination. Wonderful stuff.

Later this arvo we went on the third path on the Mangrove Trail. The tide was in and we saw many little fish and little crabs. Annie took her sketch book and pencils to draw whatever took her fancy on the walk. I love to see this creative streak in her and I'm encouraging it as much as I can.

Fish and chips for the kids tonight and a late night viewing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

side note: we've gone thru 2 large tubes of sunscreen in 8 days. That's a whole lot of sun protection  :OD


Gina B said...

So glad to hear that you and the kids are having a ball and are relaxing as well as doing lots. Sounds like a great holiday. Keep up the creative stuff Annie!!!

maryanne said...

oh thats so cute annie reading to max.
shes a real little bookworm hey!

:) Tiff said...

hey Gina. I'll be sure to show her your message.
Mary. Annie EATS books. so proud of her really getting into books. such an achievement.