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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tumby, day 16

Kym went home today after receiving a phone call to say the front garden was a bit damp. Oh dear, a solenoid on the automated watering system failed and yes the garden is a touch damp.  ooppps.

He was away for most of the day with one thing and another so the kids and I slothed it a fair bit. We did go for a walk up the jetty after burning of energy in the playground.

We went to the bakery for Annie's milkshake and Sean's pink jelly cake. (I abstained)

We took our trailer load of garden cuttings from Granny's garden to the dump for her.

We confirmed the new tenants for one of our rental homes.

The kids rode their bikes around the place and scootered (is there such a word lol) on their scooters.

I shot a few more pics for the portfolio for Modra's Apartments today and tonight. Capturing the garden at late dusk under lights is a bit tricky with the Tumby breeze. I'm hoping for a still night to have another go, but I'm fairly pleased with what I caught.

I headed down to the jetty after tea to see where the moon is at and the reflected sunset on the Eastern horizon.(Mary, you'll be proud of me and textures wink wink)

Working on the Modra pics tonight. And we are heading to feed and swim with the tuna tomorrow. So looking forward to that!!

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