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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tumby, day 17

We had a leisurely morning before heading down to Lincoln to go 'Swim with the Tuna'. Annie was feeling a bit tentative about the snorkelling with them and all I asked of her was just to give it a go and see how she feels about it at the time. Long story short she loved it!!!!

First off when we landed on the floating pontoon was to feed the tuna. They are super charged torpedoes that zip the pilchards out of your gloved finger tips before you even know they were there!

Both the kids and Kym got into the pilchard action. Then it was time for Annie and Kym to suit up and jump in with the tuna.

It wasnt long before Annie got the hang of it all and snorkelled around with needing Dad close by. Those shadows are the tuna underneath her.

While Kym and Annie were getting in touch with the tuna, Sean was fascintated by the scallops in the touch pool. They opened and shut while it was sitting in the palm of his hand.

Before boarding the catamaran to head back we all went down to the underwater viewing platform. The water was fairly murky but still seeing the tuna rip past the windows was pretty cool.

The time went so quickly that I didn't really have a chance to put the camera down and get into it myself. I'm a bit sad about that as I had paid to feed the tuna and fully expected to have plenty of time to have a go. I guess with 40 other people there they need to follow their timetable and shuffle people thru efficiently. When Sean is able to snorkel, I'll go in with him then. But from what I gather he's pretty keen to swim with the dolphins. (Me too, wink wink)

When we came back to Tumby the kids went for a spot of fishing while I went round to the rental to water the garden before the stinker hot Thursday that's to come.

And then we caught up with the Claughton's on the beach for the kids to play before we headed to the Seabreeze Pub for tea.

I've been eyeballing the time the moon comes up the last couple of nights and calculating the time and position of it for Thursday night's full moon photo shoot. Looking forward to that and what with a hot day forecasted, the sunset colours in the east should be magnificent. (fingers crossed)

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Gina B said...

Great shots! So no scrapping on Thurs night. Bummer!!!