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Friday, January 7, 2011

tumby, day 6

The last morning of Beach Misson this morning. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who put in such a huge effort and often at a cost to themselves, for creating such a wonderful experience for the kids. While Annie was there, Sean and I watered the garden at one of the rental houses and fixed a water issue for the tenant at another property we have.

Annie had a huge personal best effort this morning during VAC swim. She swam out to the pontoon under her own steam. Yes she did use a noodle to get there, but she got there. Man, she was over the moon. Now I won't be able to stop her from going out there. Mind you, I will be putting my foot down and saying no, unless she swims with a confident buddy or her own swimming ability is a little bit better. She's out of her depth, and when the noodle did slip from her grasp for a sec this morning, she did squeal a bit. But I'm proud of her. She's so proud of herself.

I've had a fair bit of ribbing via Facebook about bringing Max, Annie's guniea pig, on holidays with us. All in fun of course. Its a lot easier to bring him than to find someone to look after him for the time we are away. And where we are staying have been wonderful in allowing him to stay. We rang last year to ask and it was cool, and I rang this year and again got the ok. When we came over last weekend, I had the trailer hooked on to bring his hutch. He comes with all his bits and bobs. While the weather was lovely around lunch time today Annie let him out to go on safari in the wilds of the back lawn. He does enjoy a good forage.

I firmly believe that every child needs a pet.

After lunch and a bit of sloth time for Annie's sake we hit the sandbar and found Trish S along the way. Great to catch up with her and a couple of other ladies. Sean's getting the hang of the Boogie Board, but it still occasionally plays tricks on him.

Late afternoon found us riding scooters and bikes around the place before we headed down to the beach by the jetty for fish and chips for tea, and a run in the playground. Annie went for another swim, but not to the pontoon :O).

I had the camera on tripod for long exposures as the sun went down. I missed the best of it as the kids had been very patient with me and I decided to pack it up before they got too cool. I've got more time to get what I really want to capture when Kym gets here so I can head out on my own. And its just a bit of practise to get  my eye in.

Looking forward to a sleep in Saturday morning now that Mission has finished.


Gina B said...

I think its great that he is on hols with you. Cant wait to see the sunset photos.

:) Tiff said...

aiming of for the rise of the full moon too!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, beautiful long exposures Tiff! Yay full moon come on baby!!!