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Thursday, January 6, 2011

tumby, day 5.

What a weird weather day. Paige, Sean and I walked Annie to her bus stop for Beach Mission. It had all the feeling of being quite a hot day. Paige left shortly after coming back to the apartment and I took Sean to the sandbar for fishing with bread in the jam jar trick. It was getting quite warm at this point.

By late morning I picked up Annie from Mission to take her to her VAC swim class.

Well the breeze had swung round and the temp dropped a fair bit. I had a towel around Sean to keep him warm and I wished I had long sleeves on as I had goosebumps.

By 1pmish the breeze swung again and up shot the temp again. I had the air con on and shut down the apartment to stay cool. We had a vegie afternoon to avoid the heat. At long last I managed to fix a DSi card issue and I became Annie's number one hero (awwww). Just in time to occupy both of them this arvo.

 Another jigsaw was started as Paige and I finished the one from the night before.

By about 4.30pm the breeze swung again and the temp dropped to a very pleasant level. Beach Mission had a family late afternoon, games, merry go round, bouncing castle, volley ball, sausage sizzle and concert to finish off the day.

 Annie's group danced to a song, (can't post that one as it has other children's faces in it so I've popped in the one of Annie from the audience POV) and Sean sung to a song that he remembered from his first day.

Now we have a fairly warm night with total cloud cover, so the air con came on again to cool the apartment. I still have it shut up and the fan still on at 11.30pm


sherie Trezise said...

Hey Tiff, great photos. The Beach Mission family concert was great tonight. All the kids did a great job with their acts. :) Cheers Sherie. ps, you would probably have seen me there tonight, I was over on the far left taking photos. :) if you want extra photos, catch up with John Adams, Youth Team leader, he should be around tomorrow.

Gina B said...


SueP said...

Great fun photos Tiff and sounds like you are having a great relaxing time, even though the weather is crazy!!