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Saturday, January 15, 2011

tumby, day 13

Paige dropped in this morning.

After she had to go the kids and I went round to the rental house to replace the front yard dripper system.

Kym came to pick them up after we'd been there for an hour or so. And then Paige picked up Annie rrom Kym for a girl's arvo. They had a ball. I was still working in the front yard till mid arvo.

I caught up with my brother as he drove past Tumby in his truck.

He's about to change jobs and I wanted to give him his train driver hat that I found on EBay.  :O)

When Paige brought Annie back we attacked her hair and Paige finished up braiding it. Something I just can't seem to do.

I went out on a girls night for tea and drinks at the Sea Breeze pub with 5 other ladies. We catch up for our annual girls night each year. I do look forward to a good meal, with a couple of quiet ones and a good chin wag with a bit of laughter.

tis late now. The kids and Kym intend to head out to the jetty at 2am (in about 35 mins from now) with another fella and kids to go fishing. What an exciting adventure for the kids. I wonder if they will still want to go when he tries to wake them up shortly. lol

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