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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tumby, day 18

Had a lovely day today. Kym and the kids headed to a mates place to go duck shooting which left me with some quality me time!!!!!


I sweated it out on the bike for an hour or so. I went round to finish watering the garden at the renal house. We have tenants moving in soon. Yay for that.

I went out to the cemetery to have a look at the gravestones with thoughts of the Camera Club section coming up next month.

I did a heap of processing photos for my scrapping this arvo. I'm finally nearly done with 2009. yahoo.

The kids and Kym came home, BBQ chops for tea before I headed down to the beach to watch the moon rise. I have a couple of friends meeting me tomorrow night to shoot the moon.

I then went out to the cemetery to shoot the shot that I wanted to get.

I've roughly smudged out the name and date in respect of that person.


Gina B said...

Great shot. Bummer your not coming tomorrow.

maryanne said...

I like the photo, although kind of eerie.

SueP said...

Great photo with the sun setting behind it, ummm....yeah a bit eerie!