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Monday, January 3, 2011

tumby, day 2

What a lovely sunny day.

Annie and Sean went to Family Mission this morning. (sort of like a really really large XRoads) with lots of craft, and activities. I went for a coffee with a friend, a walk on the beach and worked on the last of the Trash the Dress Photos (which I'll post shortly).

Picked up the kidlets, had lunch and took Max out for his photo shoot on the beach. Little poser!!

Went and watered the garden in one of our rental properties (currently seeking tenants atm, know of anyone??) and then headed to the sandbar for some sun, sea and beach action for the kids. Came back and slothed for a bit  and set up the Wii for the kids.

More play, tea (French onion chops), showers, watched one of Annie's Harry Potter DVDs.

HP as really captured Annie's imagination. I found her a few weeks ago reading HP and the Chamber of Secrets. I found the Boxed set of all the HP DVDS for Christmas, and have a lend from a friend the entire series of books. She's just eating them up. Talk about a power reader. I'm pretty darn proud of her reading skills!!

and that's Monday done and dusted.


sandra said...

Hoff eat your heart out!
Max is looking mighty fine on the beach...just needs some speedos and he's set!!
LOVING all your TTD photos Tiff.
just gorgeous.

janice said...