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Sunday, January 9, 2011

tumby, day 8

Kym finished Harvest yesterday. At last for his sake. It's been rather drawn out this season due to the weather and he needs a break. As he works off farm building in between farm commitments, he doesn't ever really make the time to just stop. Hence one of the reasons we come to Tumby each year. Kym needs to go fishing to unwind, de-stress, and take a breath. And to have family time with me and the kids. During harvest he's usually flat out so I become the single parent family with two kids and occasionally the husband. 

He went clay shooting at Lincoln Club today and came round via Tumby to spend some time and pick up both the kids. They have missed him during this last week. 

I must confess to having enjoyed the two of them during this last week. We've all got along exceptionally well, and I dont recall any major disagreements. I'm sure that will change now the Kym's here lol.

I enjoyed my first kid free afternoon in over a month. I mowed the lawn at the currently empty investment property and did a tad of gardening. Today was my first chance to get on the bike and start riding it in earnest.

Just about damn near killed me. Especially beating back against the breeze. The next couple of rides will be just as tough and then it will feel a bit easier. That's when I ramp it up again. Can't have it too easy, what's the point??

After sucking down a bit of water and cooling off with Max the Guinea Pig on the grass in the shade, I hit the computer and smoked up the keyboard getting through the pile of folders I've previously sorted to process photos for my scrapping. I do enjoy the creative mojo this seems to give me.

Kym and the kids came back about tea time and we headed down to the Sea Breeze Hotel for tea. YUM.

Kym feel asleep fairly quickly as did the kids and here I am at the keyboard. I do like this quite time of night.

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SueP said...

It's good to get the harvest finished! Enjoy lots of family time!....the bike bit sounds like hard work Tiff!....glad to hear it is windy over at Tumby too!