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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tumby, day 3

In case you wondering why I blog the details of our holidays, its because my blog is my go to reference for my scrapping. I've just finished scrapping about our 2009 Tumby Holidays and I refreshed my memory of it by reading my blog before I composed the journalling for the LO. So it's really for my memory recall but if you happen to find it interesting, well that's a bonus  :O)


Annie headed off to Beach Mission this morning via the bus from the caravan park. Sean stayed with me as he found yesterday a bit overwhelming. Lots of kids, noise and distractions. He and I headed over to the vacant rental house to water and a spot of gardening. And we've inherited a wonderful bounty of vegies.

We caught up with Granny (my Mum) and then did the grocery shopping (good to see the main street busy again after so many days with businesses closed for the public holidays).

Annie walked back from the Mission bus for a spot of lunch. It was so lovely outside so we went fishing on the sandbar. I remember doing this when I was a kid and it was a fun way to use up the crusts of bread.

This big fella flew overhead. Its amazing that they look so cumbersome on land, but so graceful in the air.

We headed down to the jetty for the kids to run off energy in the playground and for me to try out a couple of shots for a project later on. 

I like to reward good behaviour so it was icecream for the two of them, (and for me to get a shot of melting icecream running down their hands:-)

Back to the apartment by late afternoon for a quick ride on the bikes around the block and down to the boat ramp. (Working on Sean's pedalling stamina). Shower, change and chilled out. Ham steaks and salad for tea. The kids rode their scooter's down to CH's shack so C and I could have a quiet cold one and watch the kids in the playground from the front yard. Had to put all the jumpers on at this point.

Is anyone else still sleeping in their flannie PJ's??? And bed socks???? I must be such a frog (never used to be) or its still bloody chilly for a summer's night. Mind you its supposed to be warm and raining here not too far away, so I guess it will get a bit sticky then. LOL. might have to shed those bed socks.


Gina B said...

Im loving the holiday shots, keep it up!

Gina B said...

Hey Tiff what does pmsl mean?

sandra said...

lmao off Gina
P!ss myself laughing!!!

Great shots Tiff..and going to try that fishing with a jar trick!!
and I hope your mouth was closed when taking that pelican shot!!!

:) Tiff said...

ohhh ewwww sandra. lmao

(gina- laugh my arse off)


Gina B said...

Sorry girls, remember just new at this. I got yours Sandra, that is after I asked Lavender. Oh I get it now Tiff. DER!!!! Now Im pmsl!!!!