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Thursday, January 20, 2011

tumby, day 19

Today was a pretty warm day. somewhere around 38 to 39 degrees I reckon. We havent had much of a hot summer so when it does get warm, it feels darn hot!!

Kym and Sean went out this morning to pull yabbie pots that were in a mate's dam from last night. Kym dropped off Sean at the hairdressers for his and Annie's haircuts by late morning. I think I may have found a new cutter for Sean. His hair tends to fluff up fairly quick. It was less than a month since his previous cut and it was looking fairly ordinary. Sean's first time with a razor and with clippers :O). I havent got a shot of it yet lol.

We went to the local library to return some books. This library building is brand new, and I've been wondering if  our new one will be looking something like this one. If so, its much smaller than what we already have. And its bloody ugly.

Round to Kym's mate for yabbie lunch. This one is draped over Annie's forearm.

The afternoon proved to be hot, so we holed up in the cabin with the DVD player and the air con. The breeze  swung around by late arvo and it started to cool off enough to open up all the windows again.

I've been looking forward to this evening for ages for a full moonrise of the sea here at Tumby. I've been scoping out spots and working out the timing of the sunset, moonrise and the tides. I had a friend from Lincoln who came up to share in it as well. Alas Mother Nature intervened and we had nearly full cloud cover. To say I was pissed off is putting it mildly. The moon did show for maybe a max of 5 mins and I managed this very ordinary shot. My watermark covers the horizon.

With the moon being a non event we improvised with other type of shots. I mucked around on Bulb for a while and learnt a few things. Then I had a go with starbursts and I'm really happy with this shot. I have only sharpened it, everything else is as it is.

So it wasn't a total waste of an evening, and I count it as practise for next month's full moon!!

I've packed up the apartment today as we head home tomorrow. Great to be away, and it will sure be nice to get home.

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