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Saturday, January 15, 2011

tumby, day 14

Kym asked the kids to go fishing off the jetty with him and another bloke at 2am this morning. He asked them at tea time last night and they were keen as mustard. When he gently woke them at 2am he got a totally different response. No surprise really. The men did get heaps of fish which were smoked today.

Kym took Annie out snorkelling on the sandbar. She's getting in a bit of practise before Swimming with the Tuna on Tuesday.

Laura came over with her little boy this arvo. We set up the sunshade (the first time for me) down at the sandbar and just let the kids go for it. Lovely relaxing arvo with a bit of touring around town before they left to go home.

I went out this evening to catch the last light of the day. And to try out my new wide angle lens. 14-40mm L lens.

It sure takes some getting used to. I really had to watch my feet in case they got into the shot lol. And watching for converging lines is a new trick for me!!

After taking a number of images I deleted all but this one.

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