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Thursday, January 13, 2011

tumby, day 11

This morning was damp and overcast so we slacked it inside for a while. By late morning the dampness cleared off and we had an overcast day that threw such lovely light. It wasn't dull at all.

While Kym took Annie to VAC swim, Sean and Max had some quality time.

Annie jumped off the platform at the jetty for the first time ever today as part of VAC swim requirements. I'm a bit sad that I wasn't there with the camera to catch it, but she's sure to do it more often so I will catch at some point later. I asked her how she felt just before her first go and she said she was really nervous but excited. And then I asked her how she felt about it as soon as she popped up out of the water, thinking she say proud, or excited or something like that. She smiled at me and said with a cheeky smile 'cold and wet!!' Cheeky little rat bag.  :O)

After lunch we headed out to Second Creek for a spot of fishing. 

While we were there we were able to assist a vehicle that got itself bogged up to its axle. It should have never gone were it went and getting bogged was inevitable. The pressure was on as the tide was rising and it was about to start lapping at the wheels. Kym tried to pull it out with his vehicle with no luck. It was stuck fast and the water was sucking the wheels. Fortunately I had the mobile numbers of a couple of Tumby friends and organised a tractor to come down onto the beach to pull it out. And just in time too. The rising tide was becoming a definite threat. I didn't have the camera out for any photos as it would have been so inappropriate and people were stressed as it was.

We were invited to pop round after tea tonight for drinks to say thank you. Lovely people.

I've had the TV off all day so to not expose the kids to the awful news of the floods in Queensland. They just don't need to have that negative influence thrust on them. I have talked to Annie about it, how people have lost lives, their homes, their everything. So she's not naive about it. But I don't want the kids to start having nightmares or scared thoughts when we have heavy rain at home. Since they been asleep I've caught up on where its at. So mind boggling and heart breaking. Words just fail me.

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