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Saturday, January 8, 2011

tumby, day 7

We woke up to the sound of rain this morning. So without any further encouragement, the kids jumped on their DS's and I had a sleep in.

Late morning found us (well the kids) on their scooters down near the jetty to burn up a bit of energy. Lots of paved areas to scoot on without being too near a road.  =-)

While we had cooler weather we decided to go on the Mangrove Trail. This is something I've been wanting to do for while so today was the day. We walked 2 of the 3 paths. We'll do the other one on the next cooler day.

The kids took a great interest in trying to pronounce the biological names of the different plants that were sign posted around the trail. And Annie asked me to capture this little Honey Eater so she could work out what it was according to the detailed information in the hut. She got it right.

After a bite of lunch we headed to the sand bar for a bit of boogie boarding, and for Annie to start to get the hang of snorkelling. I'm a firm believer in giving rewards, incentives and encouragement to get a challenging  task done. So to help Annie help believe in herself with her swimming I've promised her a trip to either swim with the dolphins here, or swim and feed the tuna here. She's chosen to swim with the Tuna. To have her get more out of it, she needs to learn to snorkel. Hence the playing around with it on the sandbar. She will need to last more than 5 minutes with it tho. Small steps first......

Have to say the kids did have a blast with the boogie boards.

As we left the sandbar late this arvo I managed to catch this pelican having a bit of a yawn sitting way up on a light post. He looked like a sentry for the other 9 pelicans below on the sandbar with us.

The kids and I took a ride on the bikes (Annie was on her scooter again) and went round a couple of blocks. Sean battled against the breeze a bit but he got there in the end.

French onion chops for tea (that's the only way I'll do chops) and the kids love em. Relaxing evening after a wonderful Saturday.

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Gina B said...

Early post tonight!! Swim with the Tuna is great.